Liqcreate is a developing and manufacturing company for premium photopolymers for SLA and DLP technologies. The high-end polymers are suitable for a wide range of industries including the prototyping, industrial, entertainment, consumer goods, healthcare and automotive industry. Please view the categories below to learn more about our resins.

General Purpose

Our range of general purpose resins are ideal for prototyping, entertainment and consumer applications. All resins are easy to use and have the best costs/quality performance in the market.

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Liqcreate Engineering resins are ideal for applications that require specific mechanical properties. This group contains our most advanced photopolymers, from high impact materials to the strongest polymers in the market.

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Need a 4th dimension in your 3D-print?
Our range of creative resins is ideal to create this extra dimension. Think about the endless options when you can add glow, scent, feel or sound to your 3D-print!

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