General – Order

How do I place an order?
You can place an order by visiting our online-store, or contact one of our distributors.
When is my payment completed?

Your payment is completed after receiving the order confirmation. We accept payment by Credit Card, IDEAL or SOFORT Banking. In case your order involves greater volumes we accept back transfers as well.

Can I cancel my order?
In general, you can cancel your order before shipment. Please contact us and mention your order number.
Do I have to pay tax/VAT?
We calculate 21% tax on all European orders. All orders outside Europe should go trough one of our distributors, since we do not ship directly outside the European Union.

General – Shipping

When are orders being shipped?
Each order is shipped as soon as possible; this is generally within 6 working days from order approval.
Which countries do you ship to?
We ship directly within Europe. Outside of Europe we rely on our carefully selected distributors.
What are my shipping cost and what shipping options do you offer?
The shipping costs are calculated during the checkout process. Please review the final shipping costs before completing the purchase.
Can I use my own shipping account number or request a specific carrier?
You can use your own shipping account for orders over €500.
Can I arrange to pick up the package at the Liqcreate office?
In some cases it is possible to pick up your order at our office. Please contact our sales department for more information.


Which 3D-printers are compatible with Liqcreate resins?
Liqcreate resins are compatible with DLP and SLA 3D-printer technologies in the range of 385-405nm. We created print files for the Form2 and the Miicraft125 3D-printers, these can be downloaded on the Liqceate website. Please contact us when you have a printer that is not in the list (info@liqcreate.com).
Why did my print fail?

Failed jobs can have several causes. Five of the most common causes are:

1. Use a calibrated printer. Read 3D-printer manual for instructions.

2. Clean all optical paths with glass-cleaner. Dust and dirty resin tanks/ glass plates can cause major defects or completely   failed prints.

3. Use the correct settings for every machine-material combination. Contact us if there are no settings available for your machine.

4. All resin tanks have a certain life-time, depending on the quality of the resin tank. After a while the quality of the resin tank can decrease which results in a clouded optical window. Too much “Clouding” will block light and current prints will fail.

5. Parts with overhang and big parts need supports. Insufficient supports will cause major failures during printing.

Check the liquid for residual solid parts after failed prints. Solid parts can cause failures in your next print!

How can I create printing parameter sets on not yet supported 3D-printers?

Please contact us, we might be able to assist you with creating printing parameter sets on your 3D printer.

How do Liqcreate resins effect the resin tank life time

Resin tank life depends on the quality of the resin tank. High quality PTFE resin tanks can be used with our resins for over 3 months. Lower quality PDMS resin tanks will cloud faster, from 1 liter (Liqcreate Stone Coal Black) to 2-3 liters with Liqcreate Deep Blue and Clear Impact.

What are the resin material properties and how does it compare with other materials?

It is our goal to produce premium quality resins. Our range of general purpose materials are comparable to standard resins from market leading companies. With our upcoming range of engineering and industrial resins we will provide the strongest resins, available soon! Detailed information about the material properties is available in the Technical Data Sheet(TDS) which can be found on our support page.

What is the shelf-life of the resin and how can I store the resin?

Our resin has a shelf life of 12 months, when stored in a dark and dry environment in the original bottle. Liqcreate resins can be stored in some high quality PTFE resin tanks. PDMS resin tanks can potentially break when storing for a longer period. All Liqcreate resins can be poured back in the original packaging after printing. Please make sure the resin is clean and no polymerized pieces are poured into the bottle.

Where can I find the material Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?

You can find more information about the SDS on our support page under technical documents.

What post processing is required?
Post-processing is advised to get optimal properties. This includes washing in (Bio)Ethanol or IPA and post-curing in a UV curing unit. Detailed information can be found in our Users Guide.
Can I use Liqcreate resins for biocompatible or food-contact applications?
None of our materials have been tested for these applications. Therefore, we strongly recommend NOT to use our materials for these type of applications and it will be on your own risk.