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Which printing settings should be used to print Liqcreate resins on the Kudo3D Bean?

Kudo3D’s Bean printer is a low power LCD 3D-printer, completely open for 3rd party resins. Settings are optimized for all Liqcreate resins. Due to the low power light source, exposure times are generally longer. Liqcreate Premium White is especially developed for printing on low power LCD 3D-printing, leading to significantly shorter exposure times.

Resin Layer thickness Settings Remark
Deep Blue 100 µm 17 seconds
50 µm 15 seconds
25 µm 13 seconds
Stone Coal Black 100 µm 16 seconds
50 µm 14 seconds
25 µm 12 seconds
Premium White 100 µm 11 seconds
50 µm 9 seconds
25 µm 7 seconds
Premium Black 100 µm 13 seconds
50 µm 11 seconds
25 µm 10 seconds
Clear Impact 100 µm 20 seconds
50 µm 16 seconds
25 µm 13 seconds
Strong-X 100 µm 15 seconds
50 µm 14 seconds
25 µm 12 seconds
Hazard Glow 100 µm 20 seconds

Pre-settings have been developed for Liqcreate resins on the Kudo3D Bean printer and are shown in the image below. For optimal printing, change the last 3 exposure times to value listed above.

kudo3d settings 3d resins


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