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Liqcreate is a company specialized in developing and manufacturing quality photopolymers for SLA and DLP technologies. All 3D-printing resins are produced in our high-tech ISO9001 certified factory in The Netherlands. Our quality polymers are suitable for a wide range of industries including prototyping, industrial, entertainment, consumer goods, healthcare and automotive. More…

We offer solutions to re-brand our current product portfolio into any shape. This could be a turn-key solution to simply attach your own label on our products or we can provide our photopolymers in bulk volumes.

We offer several possibilities to develop your own 3D resin. Our chemists can create photopolymers with diferent colors and diferent polymeric properties. In addition, we can support 3D-printer manufacturers with the development of photopolymers with specifc polymerization kinetics to work on any DLP or SLA 3D-printer. More…


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The Netherlands

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What we stand for

Liqcreate quality 3D resins


One of our main goals is to supply high quality products. Our products are produced in our ISO9001 certified factory and thoroughly tested for their specific features and print quality.

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Our team consists of experts with extended knowledge in photopolymers and 3D-printing techniques. We are looking forward to support your 3D-print projects.



We offer a wide range of products which are easy to use. In addition, we are constantly developing new resins to support even the highest demanding applications.

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We believe in open and honest communication to establish long-term partnerships. We support this by our knowledge, products and clear documentation.