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Compatible 3D-printers with Liqcreate resins

Liqcreate resins are designed to be compatible with a great number of open-source 3D-printers (385 - 420nm). The printing settings for resin 3D-printing with Liqcreate materials are presented in this article. If there are questions about specific resin 3D-printing parameters, please contact our experts at The following compatible 3D-printers and settings are available for [...]

Elegoo Mars 3, a 4K precision resin 3D-printer

Elegoo is manufacturing and developing resin 3D-printers since 2017. With the release of the Elegoo Mars it was competing for the entry-level resin 3D-printing market with competitors like Anycubic, Phrozen3D, and many others. With Elegoo pushing the prices further down and has entry models like the Elegoo Mars C even below $200. Today it has [...]

Where can I find the technical data sheets (TDS)?

The technical data sheet of each Liqcreate resin can be found below. All mechanical data is collected according to the measurements explained in this article. Mechanical data of the resin is acquired by 3D printing a sample of the resin and post-processing and post curing it according to the instructions per resin. Mechanical samples were [...]

Resin 3D-Printing settings for the Creality Halot-Max

Creality is building FDM and resin based 3D-printers for several years. With the new Halot-One, Halot-Sky and Halot-Max resin 3D-printers it is expanding its current offering. All Creality Halot 3D-printers are open for 3rd party resin. Settings for the Halot series are optimized for some Liqcreate resin. Contact us for the setting files or if [...]

The Prusa SL1S , fast monochrome resin 3D-printer

The Original Prusa SL1S uses MSLA technology, meaning there is an LED array as it’s light source (405 nm) in combination with an LCD photomask to shape the light image. The SL1S resin 3D-printer is open and therefore has full support for 3rd party resins. The SL1S is able to reach a minimum layer height [...]

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