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Compatible 3D-printers with Liqcreate resins

Liqcreate resins are designed to be compatible with a great number of 3D-printers (385 - 420nm). The printing settings for resin 3D-printing with Liqcreate materials are presented in this article. If there are questions about specific resin 3D-printing parameters, please contact our experts at The following compatible 3D-printers and settings are available for Liqcreate [...]

Where can I find the technical data sheets (TDS)?

The technical data sheet of each Liqcreate resin can be found in this section. All mechanical data is collected according to the measurements explained in this article. Mechanical data of the resin is acquired by 3D printing a sample of the resin and post-processing and post curing it according to the instructions per resin. Mechanical [...]

Anti-Aliasing and blur test on Wax Castable resin for jewelry

When printing parts on a LCD or DLP based printers, the STL file is converted into slices. These slices contain pixels which can be on or off. A white pixel will get UV-exposure and the resin cures there locally. While a black pixel does not get UV-exposure and will not cure. This way your STL [...]

Flashforge Focus 6K Dental compatible 3D-printing resin & setting

The FlashForge Focus 6K printer is a resin 3D-printer specifically designed for the need of the dental market. It is open and can be used for engineering products as well with its  9.25" industrial monochrome 6K HD screen operates at a resolution of 5760 x 3600 pixels. This allows for a dense pixel distribution and [...]

Phrozen Sonic Mini 8Ks compatible resin & printer parameters

Phrozen was one of the first offering small, medium and large format 8K printers. After the competition reduced pricing, Phrozen also developed a more affordable machine for the Mega 8K (The Phrozen Mega 8Ks) and for their mini 8K printer (the Phrozen Mini 8Ks). only some minor changes are present like a single linear rail [...]

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