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What is the compression strength of 3D-printed resin?

Find your 3D-printing resin for compression applications    

3D-printing medical models with Liqcreate Premium White and Composite-X resin

Pricing of medical models with FDM technology According to the researchers: “The used 3D printer was uPrint SE Plus (Stratasys Inc, US) with Catalyst EX 4.4 (Stratasys Inc, US) software. The selected layer resolution was 0.2540 mm and model infill was set to ‘sparse’ with high density. Auto orientation was applied for the skull and […]

How to work with Liqcreate resins on the Prusa SL1 and what is the difference with other MSLA / LCD 3D-printers?

Prusa3D is well known in the FDM market, manufacturing FDM printers and filaments in its facility in Czech Republic. It was founded in 2012 by Josef Prusa, focused on open-source 3D-printing technology. During the years after founding, Prusa became one of the market leaders in consumer FDM 3D-printing. Just in 2018, Prusa Research has acquired [...]

How to make lithophanes with Liqcreate Premium White resin?

Everyone owning a 3D-printing must have heard about Lithophanes by now. 3D-printed images that will turn into beautiful pictures when placing in front of a lamp or light. From the earlier days, FDM 3D-printer owners could only benefit from this amazing form of art. Since the desktop SLA / MSLA printers are getting more affordable, [...]

Protected: Liqcreate resins compatible with the UnionTech Cute300 4K DLP 3D-printer

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