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Which 3D-printers are compatible with Liqcreate resins?

Liqcreate resins are designed to be compatible with a great number of open-source 3D-printers (385 - 420nm). The printing settings in relation to Liqcreate resins are presented in this article. If there are questions about specific 3D-printing parameters, please contact our experts at The following compatible 3D-printers and settings are available for Liqcreate resins, [...]

Which printing settings should be used to process Liqcreate resins on the W2P 3D-printers?

  Find W2P compatible resins   More compatible resins coming soon The engineering teams at Way2production and Liqcreate are working together to have more resins compatible on the Solflex and Sollab series. Contact us if you are interested in a resin that is not yet compatible with the W2P Printers or when you have any […]

Which printing settings should be used to print Liqcreate resins on the Ackuretta Dentiq and FreeShape 120?

Ackuretta is building 3D-printers for several years. With the new Dentiq, Diplo and Ackuray printers it is expanding its current offering. All Ackuretta printers are open for 3rd party resins. Settings for the FreeShape 120 and Dentiq are similar and are optimized for Liqcreate resins. Contact us for the setting files or if you have [...]

Which printing settings should be used to print Liqcreate resins on the Carima IM2?

The Carima IM2 is a DLP based 3D-printer, open for 3rd party resins. Settings are optimized for some Liqcreate resins. Contact us if you have any questions.   Resin Layer thickness Exposure time (seconds) Base layers exposure (seconds) Deep Blue 100 µm 50 µm 4,0 7,0 Stone Coal Black 100 µm 50 µm Premium White [...]

What is the compression strength of 3D-printed resin?

Find your 3D-printing resin for compression applications    

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