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Compatible 3D-printers with Liqcreate resins

Liqcreate resins are designed to be compatible with a great number of open-source 3D-printers (385 - 420nm). The printing settings for resin 3D-printing with Liqcreate materials are presented in this article. If there are questions about specific resin 3D-printing parameters, please contact our experts at The following compatible 3D-printers and settings are available for [...]

Where can I find the technical data sheets (TDS)?

The technical data sheet of each Liqcreate resin can be found in this section. All mechanical data is collected according to the measurements explained in this article. Mechanical data of the resin is acquired by 3D printing a sample of the resin and post-processing and post curing it according to the instructions per resin. Mechanical [...]

New industrial resin based 3D-printers launched at Formnext

During Formnext 2021 there were plenty of new resin based 3D-printing technologies and announcements. New 3D-pritners from Nexa3D, Shining3D, Axtra3D, Genera3D, Xolo3D, Azul3D, Cubicure, Origin from Stratasys, 3DWare, Sharebot, UnionTech, Rapidshape, Luxcreo, Carima and many more. Here you can find the most significant technological advancements from all the brands mentioned above. Nexa3D announced new XiP [...]

3D-printing parameters for Liqcreate resins on the Shining3D AccuFab-L4D and AccuFab-L4K

At Formnext 2021, Shining3D launched its new AccuFab-L4D for dental applications and AccuFab-L4K for engineering customers. Both Shining3D AccuFab printers are equipped with a 4K monochrome LCD screen. The 4K resolution of 3840×2400 pixels is covering a build size of 192 * 120 mm, resulting in a 0,05mm pixel size. The Shining3D AccuFab-L4D and AccuFab-L4K [...]

Explained & tested: Coloring of 3D-printing resin

Currently over 17 Liqcreate resins are commercially available. These high-end photopolymer resins are used in a wide range of industries including prototyping, industrial, entertainment, consumer goods, healthcare, dental, aerospace and automotive. Even though a lot of resins are available, we sometimes get questions about resins with slightly different colors. For bigger volumes, we offer custom development, OEM, Private label and [...]

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