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Printer Settings

Need to know more about printer settings and 3D printer resins by Liqcreate? Look here for your printer settings for our resins with printers by Formlabs, Miicraft, Sprintray, Anycubic, Kudo3D, Cubicon, Wanhao and others.

How to work with Liqcreate resins on the Sprintray Moonray resin 3D-printer?

SprintRay is a technology company that builds end-to-end 3D printing ecosystems for dental professionals. Founded in 2014 and launched their first product on kickstarter in 2016, called the Moonray. After the first year, their focused shifted from general 3D-printing to dentistry. The Moonray Printers are partly open, meaning that it is possible to use 3rd [...]
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