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How to support parts printed in Liqcreate resin?

An important factor in the quality of 3D-printed parts is the support structures. These supports can vary for each 3D-printer and for each material. Support of 3D-printed parts In general rigid polymers like Deep Blue, Strong-X, Premium White/Black/Model are easy to print with a combination of light and medium supports as shown in Figure 1. [...]
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What do properties of a resin or 3D-printed part mean?

There are a lot of resins available on the market, all with different properties and price. In contrast to FDM, where polymer filament is used from a known polymer with certain properties, SLA, DLP and LCD 3D printers use resins where properties are obtained by the chemical composition of the resin. Because of the difference [...]
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Where can I find the User Guides?

You can find more information about using each of our products in the User Guides, available below: Deep Blue User Guide Stone Coal Black User Guide Premium White User Guide Premium Black User Guide Premium Model User Guide Hazard Glow User Guide Clear Impact User Guide Strong-X User Guide Resin Cleaner User Guide Support Do [...]
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Where can I find the technical data sheets (TDS)?

You can find more information about each of our products in the technical data sheets, available below: Deep Blue TDS Stone Coal Black TDS Premium White TDS Premium Black TDS Premium Model TDS Premium Tough TDS Premium Flex TDS Hazard Glow TDS Clear Impact TDS Strong-X TDS Tough-X TDS Flexible-X TDS Support Do you need [...]
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What is the difference between SLA, DLP and LCD 3D-printers?

3D-printing was discovered more than 30 years ago by the original founder of 3D-systems[1]. This first 3D-printer was named stereolithography apparatus and used a laser to cure a light reactive resin. During the years after the discovery, other companies like EnvisionTEC[2] came up with new methods of curing the light reactive resin, by projector, instead [...]
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