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Liqcreate Resin 3D-printing parameters for the Carima IM2

The Carima IM2 is a DLP based 3D-printer, open for 3rd party resins. Settings are optimized for some Liqcreate resins. Contact us if you have any questions.


Carima IM2 resin 3D-printing parameters

Resin Layer thickness Exposure time (seconds) Base layers exposure (seconds)
Deep Blue 100 µm
50 µm 4,0 7,0
Stone Coal Black 100 µm
50 µm
Premium White 100 µm
50 µm
Premium Black 100 µm
50 µm
Premium Model 100 µm
50 µm 1,5 6,0
Premium Tough 100 µm
50 µm
Premium Flex 100 µm
50 µm
Wax Castable 100 µm
50 µm
Clear Impact 100 µm
50 µm 8,0 15,0
Strong-X 100 µm
50 µm 5,0 15,0
Tough-X 100 µm
50 µm
Flexible-X 100 µm
50 µm
Hazard Glow 100 µm
50 µm
Composite-X 100 µm


About the Carima IM2 resin 3D-printer

Carima’s flagship product IM Series, which can print precise and high resolution parts, is the representative product of Carima, which is used in a wide range of jewelery, dental, prototype,
mock-up and figures requiring high resolution and high-precision printingouts.

Fast resin printing

With high precision and quality, fast printing technology makes your working environment more efficiency and professional. (Z-axis Maximum 80mm/hour)

Smooth surface

Advanced technology allows printing smooth surface, essential for jewelry industries.

High precision

Maximize printing speed, without losing resolution.

Noisless environment

Change your working environment with noiseless operation. Ideal with low odor liqcreate resin for in-office 3D-printing.


Carima IM2 resin engineering and dental resins for 3D-printing

Carima IM2 Resin 3D-printer, picture by Carima.


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