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Massivit 3D resin / gel 3D-printing technology explained

Founded in 2013, massivit 3D is a pioneer of large format resn / gel 3D printing solutions for the Engineering, Visual Communications, Entertainment, Academia, Interior Design, and Architectural markets. Leveraging its proprietary Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology, the company’s solutions enable rapid and cost-effective production of scale 1 models and parts.


How does Massivit 3D’s Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) work?

Massivit 3D printing technology is different compared to anything on the market. It is basically a huge extrusion printer that prints resin in the form of a gel. So how does that work? Well, the huge printers (Massivit 500 print volume: 145cm x 111cm x 180cm) works similar to an FDM printer, as the print-head lays down lines of material. But instead it being a thermoplastic material like PLA or ABS, it is a resin gel material that is photo curable. The extreme high viscosity of the gel makes it possible to deposit it like a thermoplastic. A few powerful LED’s are build-in on the print-head to immediately cure the gel after depositing. See the video of their novel process here:


What materials are compatible with the Massivit 3D printers?

Basically any photo curable resin that has an incredible high viscosity. It is likely that the Massivit printer is closed for 3rd party resins as they control the complete process and also deliver the photo curable gels.

Massivit3D massivit 3d photopolymer resin gel GDP liquid viscous resin 3D-printing

Image by Fabbaloo: the history of Massivit3D.


Why is it interesting to print with high viscous photo curable resin?

When working with regular DLP, MSLA or laser based systems, there is always a maximum viscosity that you can work with. High viscous materials are difficult or impossible to print. By having a broader viscosity process window, new mechanical properties can be unlocked.


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