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3D-printing settings for Liqcreate resins on the Prusa SL1S Speed

The Original Prusa SL1S uses MSLA, which means that there is an LED array as it’s light source (405 nm) in combination with an LCD photomask to shape the light image. The Prusa SL1S is open source and therefore has full support for 3rd party 3D-printing resins. The Prusa SL1S Speed is able to reach a minimum layer height of 0.01 mm, but the recommended layer height by Prusa is 0.025-0.100 mm. Compared to the Original SL1, the Prusa SL1S has monochrome LCD screen, making it easier to 3D-print with resins that usually take longer to cure. Most other resins could also work on this printer, however, not all pre-settings are available. Contact us if you need support or have any questions.

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Prusa SL1S Speed resin 3D-printing parameters.

Resin Layer thickness Exposure time (seconds) Base layers Base layer exposure Speed
Flexible-X* 100 µm 15,0 2 40 Slower
50 µm 13,0 2 40 Slower
Premium Model 100 µm 4,5 2 25 Faster
50 µm 3,1 2 25 Faster
25 µm 2,4 2 25 Faster
Premium White 100 µm n/a
50 µm 4,2 2 25 Slower
Premium Black 100 µm 5,0 2 30 Faster
50 µm 3,0 2 30 Faster
Stone Coal Black 100 µm 10,0 2 40 Faster
50 µm 7,0 2 40 Faster
Premium Tough 100 µm n/a
50 µm 7,0 2 25 Slower
Wax Castable 100 µm n/a
50 µm 3,8 2 25 Slower
25 µm n/a
Premium Flex* 100 µm n/a
50 µm 5,2 2 25 Slower
Clear Impact 100 µm 12,5 2 40 Faster
50 µm 8,0 2 40 Faster
Strong-X 100 µm n/a
50 µm 5,0 2 25 Faster
ESD 100 µm 8,0 2 40 Faster
50 µm 6,0 2 40 Faster
Flame Retardant 100 µm n/a
HDT 50 µm n/a
Bio-Med 100 µm n/a
Clear 50 µm n/a
Tough-X* 100 µm 15,0 2 50 Slower
50 µm 12,0 2 40 Slower
Deep Blue 100 µm 10,0 2 40 Faster
50 µm 7,0 2 40 Faster
Elastomer-X* 100 µm (experimental/ small parts) 18,0 2 60 High viscosity
50 µm n/a
Hazard Glow 100 µm n/a
Composite-X 100 µm n/a
50 µm n/a
Dental Model Pro Beige 100 µm 7,5 2 25 Faster
50 µm 5,0 2 25 Faster
Dental Model Pro Grey 100 µm n/a
50 µm n/a
Gingiva Mask 100 µm n/a

** Tough-X, Flexible-X and Premium flex require heavy supports, Elastomer-X requires extra heavy supports.

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About the Prusa SL1S Speed resin 3D-printer.

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Image by Prusa: The Prusa SL1s Speed monochrome resin 3D-printer


Prusa SL1S Speed resin 3D-printer specifications

The Original Prusa SL1 was our first foray into the world of SLA printers for Prusa. They wanted to build a solid, sturdy and robust 3D printer that would produce consistent, high-quality 3D prints. Based on the general feedback and reviews, there were many improvements in the SL1. The Prusa SL1 found its way not just into hobbyists’ workshops but into various industries as well. After collecting feedback and thinking about improving the machine even further – one of the areas Prusa wanted to focus on was its print speed. With the development and announcement of theimproved version of the SL1! The Prusa SL1S Speed is equipped with a brand new high-resolution monochrome LCD, larger print platform, and all cumulative updates from the entire lifespan of the SL1, the new SL1S SPEED is a fast machine that produces amazingly detailed 3D prints.

Contact us if you have any questions or when you need help with settings for the Prusa SL1S or other resin based 3D-printers.

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