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Unique product development

Do you have a specific need for a non-standard Liqcreate resin? Our chemists and engineers are able to assist and advise you when you want to develop a specific resin. Liqcreate offers several possibilities to develop your own 3D resin.

Our chemists can create photopolymers with different colors and different polymeric properties. We also support 3D-printer manufacturers with the development of photopolymers with specific polymerization kinetics to work on any DLP, LCD or SLA 3D-printer. Contact our business development manager for more information.

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Create your own brand – White label

Liqcreate can offer a solution to re-brand our current product portfolio into any shape. This could be a turn-key solution to simply attach your own label on Liqcreate products or we can provide our photopolymers in bulk volumes.

‘White label’ makes it possible to convert both relatively small quantities and high quantities to our own brand of resins in a very short time. Please contact our business development manager if your company is considering to have their own brand of photopolymers for the 3D-printing industry.

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Liqcreate Resin OEM Create your own brand
Liqcreate photopolymer resin engineering dental jewelry flex tough strong composite elastic flexible elastomer low-odor

Create your own brand – OEM / Private label

Liqcreate can offer a solution to create your own resin brand with excellent properties, to develop new resins that go beyond the current known Liqcreate product portfolio. Besides color changes, Liqcreate can also provide custom resin development to create a new product range with the characteristics of your choice. Our engineers have a lot of experience in developing custom resins such as engineering, general purpose and creative:

  • Range of flexible resins
  • Range of tough resins
  • Range of high temp resins
  • Range of hard / strong resins
  • Range of metallic colored resins
  • Range of (high filled) composite resins
  • Range of opaque and translucent resins
  • Range of castable resins (possible with wax components)
  • Range of fast curing resins (and for layers over 100 micron)
  • And many more; please contact Liqcreate for specific questions

Liqcreate can advise and provide various packaging. Please contact our business development manager if your company is considering having its own brand of unique photopolymers.

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