MakeX validates Liqcreate resins for the MakeX M-One pro

MakeX was founded by a group of young engineers and designers from the Chinese city of Ningbo. The Chinese 3DP company MakeX has brought its desktop DLP 3D printer to the market via a Kickstarter campaign back in 2014. At that time, for early adopters at almost half the price of the Form1+ stereolithography 3D printer. After years of optimization there are several MakeX resin 3D-printers available for almost any market. The MakeX engineers have optimized several Liqcreate resins on the MakeX M-One Pro resin 3D-printer. If your preferred resin is not listed, contact us and we can provide starting settings for the MakeX M-One Pro 3D-printer and Liqcreate resins.


MakeX M-One Pro settings for Liqcreate resin


MakeX M-one pro resin 3D-printer dental jewelry engineering technical photopolymer resins Liqcreate tough flex elastic elastomer flexible strong bio resina

Image by MakeX: The MakeX M-one pro resin 3D-printer.


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MakeX M-one Pro resin 3D-printer specifications.

Parameters M-One J80 M-One D100 M-One Pro 30 M-One Pro 30 385 M-One Pro 40 M-One Pro 40 385 M-One Pro 50 M-One Pro 50 385 M-One Pro 60 M-One Pro 60 385 M-One Pro 70 M-One Pro 70 385
Footprint 310*310*490 mm 310*310*450 mm 310*310*450/490 mm
Build Volume 102*64*165 mm 128*80*165 mm 64*36*115 mm 80*46*115 mm 96*54*115/165 mm 120*68*115/165 mm 80*46*115 mm 135*76*115/165 mm
XY Resolution 80 μm 100 μm 33 μm 42.5 μm 50 μm 62.5 μm 70 μm
Z Resolution 5 μm
Uitravlet Band 405 nm 405 nm 385 nm 405 nm 385 nm 405 nm 385 nm 405 nm 385 nm 405 nm 385 nm
Technology DLP
Light Source Industrial HD UV-LED Light Engine
Lifespan 50000 Hrs
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Internet & USB Divre
Touch Screen 7″
Software XMAKER



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Settings are optimized for Liqcreate Strong-X, Wax Castable and Premium Model other resins can be optimized on request. The 3D-print parameters can be found in this link and start printing today with your Liqcreate resins!


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