Find the perfect 3D printing resin for your application. Liqcreate offers five types of resins: General Purpose, Premium, Creative, Castable and Engineering. All Liqcreate resins do not emit unpleasant odor, have smooth surface finish and have low shrinkage.

Most resins work on all open LCD / MSLA, SLA and DLP 3D printers with the range of 385 – 405/420nm. Liqcreate Premium resins are especially developed for LCD 3D printers and low power DLP 3D printers. Be sure to check the printer compatibility on the product page when making a choice. Contact Liqcreate if you have questions.

Prices in the webshop are excluding VAT. Liqcreate offers free shipping (Europe, FedEx excluded) with orders above 225 Euro.

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