Find the perfect 3D printing resin for the job. We offer four types of resins: General Purpose, Premium, Creative and Engineering. All Liqcreate resins do not emit unpleasant odor, have smooth surface finish and have low shrinkage.

Most resins work on all open SLA and DLP (including LCD) 3D printers with the range of 385 – 405/420nm. Liqcreate Premium resins are especially developed for LCD 3D printers and low power DLP 3D printers. Be sure to check the printer compatibility on the product page when making a choice.

Prices in the webshop are excluding VAT. Liqcreate offers free shipping (Europe) with orders above 200 Euro.

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  • Liqcreate SLA resin DLP resin Clear Impact 1KG bottle

    Clear Impact

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