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3D-printing parameters for UnionTech Martrix 520

Martrix520 features a build volume of up to  298 × 165 × 320 mm. It uses hot air heating to address resin performance issues in winter, and offers remote control and monitoring, air filtration, power calibration, door detection, and easy replacement of light sources and screens for efficient and safe operation. According to the manufacturer with its high Precision, it is easy to achieve 0.15mm detail, and accuracy is comparable to 3D printing DLP technology. With printing speed up to 50mm/h (resin depending), forming a volume of one surface at a time.

The Liqcreate team would like to thank UnionTech and Martrix  for the cooperation to have a Martrix520 resin 3D-printer in the Liqcreate laboratory for resin parameter development.

Martrix 520 – by UnionTech – resin 3D-printing parameters.

Download the parameter file here.

Resin Layer thickness  Parameters available in file? Remark 
Deep Blue 100 µm  Yes
50 µm  No
Premium White 100 µm  Yes
50 µm  Yes
Premium Black 100 µm  Yes
50 µm  Yes
Premium Model 100 µm  Yes
50 µm  Yes
Wax Castable 100 µm  Yes
50 µm  Yes
30 µm  Yes
Clear Impact 100 µm  Yes
50 µm  Yes
Strong-X 100 µm  Yes
50 µm  Yes
ESD 100 µm  Yes
50 µm  Yes
Tough-X 100 µm  Yes  Use thick supports
50 µm  Yes
Flexible-X 100 µm  Yes Use thick supports &
50 µm  Yes Maximum +- 70mm part height
Flame Retardant 100 µm  Yes
HDT 50 µm  Yes
Bio-Med 100 µm  Yes
Clear 50 µm  Yes


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About the Martrix 520 resin MSLA / LCD 3D-printer by UnionTech

Uniontech martrix520 matrix520 martrix 520 matrix resin 3D-printer engineering jewelry technology resin resina MSLA LCD large liqcreate tough strong elastic plastic photopolymer

Image by All3DP: Martrix 520 resin 3D-printer by UnionTech


Martrix 520 resin 3D-printer specifications.

  • – Build Volume: 298 x 165 x 320 mm.
  • – Minimum layer Height: 10 microns.
  • – XY Resolution: 50 microns
  • – LCD pixels: 7K
  • – Z-axis positioning accuracy: 0.01 mm.
  • – Third-Party Materials: Yes, 405nm resin
  • – Light output: 6,0 mW/cm2

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