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Anycubic Photon Ultra , an affordable DLP resin 3D-printer

Anycubic’s Photon Ultra is launched on Kickstarter on September 14th, 2021, the first ever affordable DLP resin 3D-printer. Anycubic Photon Ultra is a groundbreaking consumer DLP 3D-printer. Anycubic co-engineered the printer with Texas Instruments to introduce Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology into the desktop 3D-printing field. According to Anycubic; As one of the most accurate consumer 3D printers in the world, Anycubic Photon Ultra has:

  • 1. High-resolution printing effect.
  • 2. Long-term durability.
  • 3. Energy-saving, to bring you the best 3D printing experience at an affordable price.


About the DLP resin 3D-printing technology

According to Anycubic their DLP printer direct 405nm light with a high precision. This high precision makes it possible that even with a lower specified resolution of 720p, the results are visibly better than those coming out of a 4K LCD or MSLA 3D-printer. Because LCD printers stretch pixels the larger the screen, even higher resolution LCD printers don’t come close to to the life-like result of prints made on the Photon Ultra.

Anycubic photon ultra resin 3D-printer with texas instruments and liqcreate engineering resins

Image by Anycubic: difference between the DLP 3D-printing process of the Photon Ultra and the LCD 3D-printing process in the Anycubic Photon MonoAnycubic explains: “Let’s dive deeper into the tech, what makes a resin DLP 3D-printer so significantly better than a resin LCD 3D-printer? It all comes down to how light reaches the resin. With a LCD 3D-printer, a UV light array shines through a screen that has either open or closed pixels. However, the light source is always on, which gives light leaks. Even on dark pixels. You can compare this to a TV screen, if you look closely, you’ll see that black is never truly black. A DLP printer on the other hand has an optical projector, similar to those you find in a cinema. Shining concentrated beams of light only where the resin needs to cure. This way a DLP projector is  producing incredibly crisp results without light leaks or blurry edges.


Image by Anycubic: Explaining the DLP 3D-printing process and how the DMD mirror chip works in combination with the optic elements

The DLP engine is created in partnership between Anycubic and Texas Instruments (TI). The Photon Ultra is powered by a DLP optics engine which is whisper quiet, uses less energy and produces barely any heat. Texas Instruments is famous for its DLP projectors in the professional market. Interestingly Anycubic and Texas Instruments have chosen for a 720P DLP projector, whereas 1080P or 4K is the new standard in resin 3D-printing. This is probably to drive the costs down, as the 2K and 4K DLP engines are likely much more expensive.

Resin compatibility with the Anycubic Photon Ultra 3D-printer

Some parameters on for Liqcreate resins are available on the Anycubic Photon Ultra here. With Liqcreate’s experience in 405nm DLP 3D-printers, it is likely that almost the whole Liqcreate resin range will be available and compatible on the new Anycubic Photon Ultra resin 3D-printer. Send an e-mail to if you want to be informed on resin compatibility.

Team Liqcreate wish you happy printing for the lucky people who get their hands on an Anycubic Photon Ultra first. If there are any questions or remarks, feel free to contact us at any time.


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