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Asiga Ultra – 4K desktop resin 3D-printer

Asiga is leading the DLP 3D-printing space for professional desktop and stand-alone units for many years. Based in Australia its Asiga UV Max (desktop) and Asiga Pro 4K series (stand alone) are used in dental, audiology, jewelry and industrial applications. Liqcreate 3D-printing materials are available for these systems. Now Asiga launched two new products, with even more automated features then before! The Asiga UV Max 2 printer is the successor of the Max and the Asiga Ultra printer is new desktop 4K printer with incredible amount of features.

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About the Asiga Ultra 4K resin 3D-printer.

The Asiga Ultra 3D-printer is build around a 4K DLP projector and is available in different set-ups. It uses 385nm LED’s, known for their reliability and accuracy from their previous printers. The two versions available are the Asiga Ultra (32) and the Asiga Ultra (50). the 32 version is dialed in at 32 micron pixel size giving a build size of 121*68*145mm, while the 50 version uses 50 micron pixels with a build volume of 192*108*145mm. Next to this the Asiga Ultra is packed with useful features. it features two modes of resin heating to get stable temperature during printing. This makes resin 3D-printing much more reliable! additionally it has transparent mode for transparent resins, an easy to handle magnatic build platform and like their previous machines, an auto-calibrating UV power output.


Asiga Ultra 4K resin 3D-printer specifications.

Asiga Ultra 32 Asiga Ultra 50
Build volume 121*68*145mm 192*108*145mm
Pixel size 32 micon 50 micron
Technology 4K DLP 4K DLP
Wavelength 385nm 385nm

Asiga Ultra resin 3d-printing photopolymer liqcreate wax castable jewelry technical engineering strong tough aerospace defence elastic composite elastomer flexible tear resistant

Image by Asiga: their new Asiga Ultra 4K resin 3D-printer.


Compatible 3D-printing resins for the Asiga Ultra 4K.

Find parameters of optimized resin based 3D-printers with liqcreate resins in the link. If your printer or resin is not listed, reach out to us at for assistance.


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