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Low odor & odourless 3D-printing resin

One of the downsides many people experience with resin 3D-printing, is the bad odor of some of the resins and cleaning agents. In order to avoid this smell in their working area, many people get creative and build their own fume hood, just like the picture below. The question is, can this be avoided?

chemical safety hood to protect for resin fumes during resins 3D-printing

Source: Reddit user making a fume box out of parts from Ikea

Why do some resins stink?

So why do some resins smell bad? Well, the answer lies in the raw materials. Some of the raw materials have an intense odor, while other resins don’t smell at all. This means that not all raw materials, or formulated resins smell bad. There are some specific ingredients, often cheaper ingredients used in cheap resins that have a smell you would rather not have in your working area.

What is the difference between no odor and low odor?

All resin manufacturers have their own view on low odour / no odour resins. It is quite difficult to find the difference on paper. The difficulty also lies in the human perception of smell and the perception when something smells bad. In our opinion, most of the Liqcreate resins have very low to no odour. To be on the safe side, at Liqcreate we would mention “Low odor” in our documentation.

Are the resin fumes toxic?

First of all, it is always a good idea to read the safety data sheet of the resin that you are using. Most data sheets will mention that you should avoid breathing in fumes/dust/vapour/gas/mist/spray of the specific resin. Furthermore, Liqcreate and other resin manufacturers always advise to use the resin in a well ventilated area. Since you are working with chemicals it is always advised to do so.

Smell / Odor of Liqcreate resins

In general, most Liqcreate resins do not have a bad odor, or an odor at all. Only our Flexible-X, Tough-X, Premium Flex and Premium Tough resins have a medium smell. So if you are worried about the smell of resins, take a look at our low-odor resin portfolio. Although some resins are not smelly, it is always a good idea to work in a well ventilated environment.

What about the odor of IPA / Ethanol and alternative resin cleaners?

Ethanol or IPA are often used as cleaning agents for resin. Both are often mentioned by people for its bad smell. There are a few alternatives available, one of them is the Liqcreate resin cleaner. The Liqcreate resin cleaner is an environmental friendly, healthier and less dangerous washing agent for resins. It has a different odor compared to IPA and ethanol. For most people the odor is less intense, but it is difficult to give a good conclusion since everybody will experience the smell different.

Team Liqcreate wish you happy printing. If there are any questions or remarks, feel free to contact us at any time.


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