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Nexa3D XiP compatible resin and printing parameters

The XiP from Nexa3D is a compact desktop (resin) mSLA 3D-printer that can produce models and parts with a build volume of upto 4.8 L. The XiP enables users to create production-quality prototypes and parts for engineering, dentistry, medical, education and other industries by leveraging an open material platform that provides flexibility and easy material access. According to Nexa, the XiP resin 3D-printer has an open resin platform providing ultimate flexibility and access to the 3D-printing resin you need. The Nexa3D XiP resin 3D-printer is equipped with its patented Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) Technology, allowing users to print at speeds of up to 18 cm per hour. To use 3rd party resins on the Nexa3D XiP, users would need to have an open materials license. In general Liqcreate resins are compatible with 405nm monochrome MSLA printers and one of our resins has been optimized by a XiP user. these settings can be found below.

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Nexa3D XiP compatible resin & 3D-printer parameters with open license

Resin Layer thickness Exposure time (seconds) Base layer count Base layer exposure Lift Height
Flexible-X 100 µm
50 µm 10,0 1 80 standard for flexible resin*
Flame Retardant 100 µm 5,0 2 25 5
HDT 50 µm
Premium White 100 µm
50 µm
Premium Black 100 µm
50 µm
Premium Model
50 µm
Premium Tough 100 µm
50 µm
Wax Castable 100 µm
50 µm
25 µm
Premium Flex 100 µm
50 µm
Clear Impact 100 µm
50 µm
Strong-X 100 µm
50 µm
Tough-X 100 µm
50 µm
Deep Blue 100 µm
50 µm
Hazard Glow 100 µm
Composite-X 100 µm
50 µm
Dental Model Pro Beige 100 µm
50 µm
Dental Model Pro Grey 100 µm

*Easiest is to copy an existing printing parameter file from a flexible resin and change the exposure times accordingly.


About the Nexa 3D XiP desktop resin MSLA 3D-printer.

nexa3d nexa 3d printing 3dprinting XiP NXE200 NXE400 dental jewelry resin photopolymer material liqcreate precise strong tough elastic flexible engineering

Image by Additive Manufacturing Media and Nexa 3D: The new XiP desktop resin 3D-printer on the right and their industrial solution, the NXE400 on the left.


Nexa3D XiP resin 3D-printer specifications.

The technical specifications of the Nexa3D XiP desktop resin 3D-printer according to the manufacturer can be found below.

Connectivity Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB
Light engine 405 nm LED array w/ collimating lens; modular 9.3″ monochrome 4K LCD mask
Manufacturer Nexa3D
Manufacturer country USA
Outer dimensions millimeters (xyz) 420 x 350 x 530 mm
Pixel Pitch 52 µm
Resolution 4K (3840 x 2160)
Software NexaX 2.3 Basic or NexaX 2.3 Pro for XiP
Supported file formats STL, OBJ, 3MF
XY Resolution 75 Microns
Z Resolution 50/100/200 microns
Build volume 195 x 115 x 210 mm
Technology LSPc


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