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ESD Masterbatches & Formulations for resin 3D-printing

Electrostatic discharge resins (ESD resin) are materials that reduce static electricity build up. A static dissipative class of materials with 10^5 to 10^8 Ohms is required to eliminate electrical discharge. These materials are frequently required for example in these applications listed by

  • Electronics – to prevent static charge from shorting circuit boards and damaging sensitive components

  • Flammable liquids or gases – to prevent static charge from causing fires and explosions

  • Optics and photonics – to prevent static charge from causing build up of dust and other particulates onto lenses and sensitive instruments

  • Machines working with static powders – prevent clogging of static powders during machine handling.

Previously only filaments and expensive resin options were available. With the introduction of Liqcreate ESD, a cost-effective solution in resin 3D-printing is available.


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Liqcreate ESD 3D-printing 3d 3dprinting photopolymer harz hars epoxy technology dlp jetting MSLA LCD SLA anycubic phrozen creality elegoo

Image: Commercial 3D-printing resin named Liqcreate ESD.


ESD Masterbatches & Formulations for resin 3D-Printing

Resin 3D-printing is ideal for low volume or custom production of ESD parts with the availability of more affordable ESD safe resins. If you are looking for final formulations, have a look at Liqcreate ESD 3D-printing resin. Below you can find the custom development alternatives and in some cases we can support parties with ESD Masterbatches to create their own material. Contact us at to learn more about the possibilities.


Isotropic ESD properties of Liqcreate ESD 3D-printing resin.

isotropic esd properties liqcreate electric resin

Image: Isotropic ESD properties of Liqcreate ESD 3D-printing resin.

OEM and White label ESD 3D-printing resins

Liqcreate offers solutions to re-brand our current product portfolio into any shape. This could be a turn-key solution to simply attach your own label on our products or we can provide our photopolymers in bulk volumes. Additionally we offer several possibilities to develop your own 3D resin. Our chemists can create photopolymers with diferent colors and diferent polymeric properties. In addition, we can support 3D-printer manufacturers with the development of photopolymers with specifc polymerization kinetics to work on any DLP or SLA 3D-printer.

When it comes to ESD resin, partners can request the formulation of materials with different properties. Think about elastomer or flexible ESD materials with a Shore A ranging from 45 to 95. Or high temperature ESD materials that can endure chip manufacturing cycles at elevated temperature. Once partners have started a custom material development project, Liqcreate’s engineers work to develop a resin according to their specifications, and provide guidance on how to dial in their new resins for a given printer, preparing them for production. As an independent resin manufacturer with R&D facilities, the formulations can rapidly scale to production size of custom-made resins where needed. Contact us to talk about the possibilities.


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Liqcreate ESD

Liqcreate ESD is an opaque black photopolymer resin and can be processed on most resin based 3D-printers. 3D-printed parts from this material exhibit electrostatic discharge properties needed for electronic manufacturing and parts for ESD-safe workplaces (EPA). Liqcreate ESD can be used on open DLP, LCD and SLA 3D-printers in the range of 385 – 420nm.

Due to the isotropic electrostatic dissipative properties, it is suitable for electronic devices and components that require ESD. Reduce risk and increase manufacturing capabilities by printing custom jigs, fixtures and tools to protect critical electronics components from static discharge.

Key benefits

3D-Printer compatibility

·        Isotropic ESD properties ·        Asiga series
·        Well balanced rigidity and impact ·        Shining3D Accufab-L4K
·        Antistatic properties ·        Elegoo & Anycubic series
·        Easy to print ·        And many more
  • Liqcreate ESD 3D-printing resin electronic electronics tooling end use static Electrostatic discharge


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