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Bego Varseo XS compatible resin & parameters

BEGO Bremer Gold Wilh. Herbst GmbH & Co. KG is a well known german manufacturer of dental materials, workflows and applications. Some years ago they entered the dental 3D-printing resin market by introducing their own resin line. Some years after that they have several resins, 3D-printers and workflows available. One of their 3D-printers is the Bego Varseo XS. A Liqcreate partner tested Liqcreate Premium Model on this printer with success on the first generation Bego Varseo XS without NFC scanner on the Varseo Model Grey settings. We do not provice NFC tags for the newer Varseo XS printer with an NFC scanner. Contact us if you need support or have any questions.


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Partners of Liqcreate have optimized some resins on the Bego Varseo XS resin 3D-printer. These materials were printed with existing Bego profile for Varseo Model Grey and tested with a previous generation printer without NFC checking mechanism. Contact us if you need support or have any questions.


About the Bego Varseo XS dental resin 3D-printer.

According to Bego, the high dental technology requirements regarding precision, safety, and reproducability of 3D printing solutions differ considerably from those of other application fields. BEGO is a long-established family company with 130 years of dental expertise. We are specialists in all dental manufacturing techniques and pioneers in CAD/CAM technology with more than 20 years of experience in the field of 3D printing. The BEGO Varseo 3D printing system offers you:

  • – a system specially developed with and for dental laboratories
  • – a coordinated portfolio of 3D printer, light-curing device, scientifically tested materials, software tools, and services
  • – the means to achieve fast, simple and cost-efficient fabrication of a wide range of restorations made from resins and ceramic filled hybrids – in your own laboratory and with complete flexibility and unrivalled precision
  • – validated processes from scanning to finishing.


realizing thinner support structures is made possible by our integrated patented force feedback technology. It measures the forces acting on the part to improve workflow efficiency and shorten delivery time. To ensure fast, high-quality printing the resin temperature control allows the S30+ to control and adjust the temperature of resins as needed. With the included knowledge center access, you can help yourself with FAQ, media and data information for questions about your 3D printer. If this is not enough, a worldwide service team is available to assist you.

bego varseo XS dental resin 3D-printer liqcreate dentistry model harz hars stampa3d technical jewelry cast coping aligner precision model crown and bridge

Image by Bego: The Bego Varseo XS dental resin 3D-printer.


Bego Varseo XS resin 3D-printer specifications.

Product dimensions (L × W × H) 290 × 357 × 427 mm
Weight 11 kg
Nominal voltage 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Rated capacity 100 VA
Build area (W × D × H) 64 × 40 × 120 mm
Resolution (X, Y, Z) 50 µm
Building speed approx. 30 mm/h


Contact us if you have any questions or when you need help with settings for the Bego Varseo XS or other resin based 3D-printers.


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