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DWS 029X compatible Liqcreate resin & 3D-print settings

DWS is an Italian manufacturer of resin 3D-printers for dental, jewelry and manufacturer applications. within their offerins is the DWS Digital Wax 028 (find settings for Liqcreate resin on the DWS 028 here) and the DWS 029X. The DWS 029X is a rapid manufacturing system developed for medium-high productive volumes, aimed at medium-big production departments. It ensures high speed and precision also by integrating Nauta®+ (that allows automatic generation of supports). Moreover, it is provided with the electromechanical device called TTT System (Tank Translation Technology), which increases tank life and reduces costs of operation.

Currently only Liqcreate Strong-X is tested on the DWS 029X. it is expected that other Liqcreate SLA resins can also work on this printer (Deep Blue, Stone Coal Black, Clear Impact. As these are not tested yet, it can take a few tries to dial-in the settings. Contact us at for more information about resin compatibility.


DWS 029X resin 3D-printing parameters

Resin Layer thickness Base layer count Base layer laser speed Transition layer count Transition layer laser speed Regular layer count Regular layer laser speed
Deep Blue 100 µm
50 µm
Stone Coal Black 100 µm
50 µm
Premium White 100 µm
50 µm
Premium Black 100 µm
50 µm
Premium Model 100 µm
50 µm
Premium Tough 100 µm
50 µm
Wax Castable 100 µm
50 µm
Premium Flex
50 µm
Clear Impact 100 µm
50 µm
Strong-X 100 µm 4 400 15 2800 rest 5500
50 µm
Tough-X 100 µm
50 µm
Flexible-X 100 µm
50 µm
Hazard Glow 100 µm
Composite-X 100 µm
50 µm
Dental Model Pro Beige 50 µm
Dental Model Pro Grey 50 µm
Gingiva Mask 100 µm


About the DWS 029X resin 3D-printer.

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Image by DWS: DWS 029X resin 3D-printer for manufacturing applications.


DWS 029X resin 3D-printer specifications.

The DW 029X is an SLA 3D printer from the Italian DWS manufacturer. According to the manufacturer it is used by jewelry professionals, engineers, and creative designers for the fast production of both realistic and concept models, functional prototypes and castable pieces. It is equipped with a high-resolution Solid State BluEdge laser to achieve the best possible quality and with the TTT system, which extends the lifespan of the resin tank reducing its wear and the overall running costs. The system provides fast speed and high definition and is ideal for most industrial applications. It ensures quiet operation, reliability and extreme accuracy. It has been designed to work continuously with no maintenance required.

– Technology: Laser Stereolithography
– Working Area: 150 x 150 x 200 mm
– Laser Source: Solid State BlueEdge®
– Slice Thickness: 10-100 microns (depending on the type of material used)
– Scanning Method: Galvanometer
– Software: Fictor® and Nauta®+ included
– Input File Format: .stl, .slc, .nauta, .fictor, .mkr, .3dm, 3ds, .ply, .obj, .lwo, .x
– Machine Size: 610 x 660 x 1400 mm
– Weight: 150 Kg
– Operating Temperature and Humidity: 20°-25°C / 60%

If you have any questions or need support setting-up your DWS 029X or other resin 3D-printer with Liqcreate resin, contact us at and our technical team will assist.


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