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Rapid Shape S30+ compatible resin & parameters

Rapid Shape GmbH was founded over 10 years ago and build their first 3D-printer back in 2011. its mother company Schultheiss GmbH was active in the jewelry business and did not find any good printing solution on the market at that time. So RapidShape decided to build their own printers. now more than 10 years later Rapid Shape is part of the Straumann group and having build multiple printers for dental, jewelry, hearing aid and industrial purposes. One of their printers is the Rapid Shape S30+ which offers a flexible and certified resin 3D-printing solution for makers through its open material system with validated workflows. The printer  is not only characterized by first-class quality, but also by a large printing area and short production times. The optional high-speed Force Feedback technology further reduces your printing times to a minimum. Liqcreate partners optimized some resins on the RapidShape S30+, these materials were processed with open materials settings and the settings can be found here. If you do not have open material settings, then it is not possible to run our resins on the Rapid Shape resin printers. Contact us if you need support or have any questions.


Build volume (L x W x H) 133 x 75 x 155 mm
Native pixel + / – 34 µm
Wavelength 405 nm
Temparature Regulated up to 35°C
Resolution HD
Dimension (W x D x H) 480 x 410 x 690 mm
Connections WLAN, USB
Control 10″ touchscreen
Recommended for Larger pieces such as bangles and statues with large surfaces


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Read these instructions first

Partners of Liqcreate have optimized some resins on the Rapid Shape S30+. These materials were printed with open materials settings.  The parameters for the open materials settings can be found in this article. If you do not have open material settings, then it is not possible to run our resins on the Rapid Shape resin printers. Contact us if you need support or have any questions.


Rapid Shape S30+resin 3D-printing parameters.

Settings for Liqcreate Wax Castable
Layer thickness 0,05 mm
Bottom layer count 5
Bottom exposure time 50 seconds
Normal exposure time 3,5 seconds
Transition layers 5
Lift speed 2 mm / seconds
Bottom lift distance 8 mm
Normal lift distance 6 mm


About the Rapid Shape S30+ resin 3D-printer.

The automatic separation module (ASM) allows you to produce multiple print jobs in a self-determined sequence one after the other (job queues) without having to remove the build platform from the printer and separate the print jobs. Combined with the open system for different print materials and remote access, the S30+ offers more flexibility in the printing process. The material identification function (RFID) allows easy access to material information of validated materials via a sensor, ensuring faster preparation of your printing process. Printing with consistently high print quality and

realizing thinner support structures is made possible by our integrated patented force feedback technology. It measures the forces acting on the part to improve workflow efficiency and shorten delivery time. To ensure fast, high-quality printing the resin temperature control allows the S30+ to control and adjust the temperature of resins as needed. With the included knowledge center access, you can help yourself with FAQ, media and data information for questions about your 3D printer. If this is not enough, a worldwide service team is available to assist you.

rapid shape rapidshape S30+ Large I30+ jewelry industrial wax resin dental 3D-printing photopolymer resin liqcreate dentistry digital engineering flex elastic tough strong flexible resin

Image by 3dprintingindustry & Rapid Shape: The Rapid Shape S30+ resin 3D-printer.


Rapid Shape S30+ resin 3D-printer specifications.

  • Key features of the Rapid Shape S30+
    • – Build volume 133 x 75 x 155mm ( L x W x H)
    • – Native pixel size +/- 34 micron (Native pixel size is the minimum accuracy feature and in most cases defined as pixel size/2)
    • – Wavelength 405nm
    • – Resolution Full HD (1080 * 1920 pixels)


Contact us if you have any questions or when you need help with settings for the Rapid Shape S30+ or other resin based 3D-printers.


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