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3D-Printing dental models on the UniFormation GKtwo 8K resin 3D-printer

Competing with the well establshed brands, Uniformation is committed to providing high-end business users with 3d printers for product development and small batch production. With their new flagship product, the UniFormation GKtwo, it is offering a large 8K resin 3D-printer to the market, competing directly with brands like Phrozen, Elegoo and Anycubic. In this article we share our work on the UniFormation GKTwo resin printer to manufacture dental models!


Resin compatibility and settings for the UniFormation GKtwo 8K.

Find the Uniformation GKtwo 8K resin 3D-printing parameters for Liqcreate resin in the link. If there are any questions, remarks of you need help with Liqcreate resin on the Uniformation GKTwo or other resin based printer ,contact us via e-mail at


Dental 3D-printing on the UniFormation GKtwo 8K.

As everybody knows, the last years there has been a significant improvement in resin desktop 3D-pritners. Main drivers were the switch to monochrome screens and the availability of larger LCD screens with small pixels. Besides that, extra options for shrinkage and off-set compensation in software like Chitubox, VoxelDance Tango and Lychee paved the way for more precise applications. As resin shrinks during printing, it is important to compensate for that to get reliable and accurate models. With the GKTwo we have optimized Liqcreate Dental Model Pro Grey resin.

How accurate is the Uniformation GKTwo printer? Well if you dial in the printing, shrinkage and offset parameters, this printer can be quite accurate. These settings were found to be the best:

This resulted in an accuracy measurements:

GKTwo dental model pro grey dental models accuracy

For an entry level resin 3d-printer that is not bad at all!

Then there are these more complicated cases with inserts / dies. in the Chitubox software there is a setting to change how tight these dies are. we have set them to medium and with the Tolerance compensation (beta) in the advanced tab. at value “a” you can change this. do you want it to be more loose, go more negative in steps of -0,01mm. are the dies too loose, go more positive in steps of +0,01mm until you find the right fit for you.

UniFormation GKtwo 10.3″ resin 3D-printing technology

UniFormation GKtwo features a large 8K LCD screen with a 228*128*245mm (L*W*H) build volume, larger compared to the 4K resin LCD series.

UniFormation GKtwo resin 3D-printer jewelry 3dprinting prints 3d technical engineering flex elastic elastomer strong tough ABS liqcreate photopolymer material

Image by UniFormation: the new UniFormation GKtwo resin 3D-printers


UniFormation GKtwo resin 3D-printer specifications

The available technical specifications and comparison with the Creality Halot-Mage Pro 8K printer is listed below.

  UniFormation GKtwo 10.3″ 8K Creality Halot-Mage Pro 8K
LCD type 8K monochrome 8K monochrome
Pixels 7680 *4320 7680 * 4320
Print size (L x W x H) 228*128*245 228*128*230
Pixel size 29,6 micron 29,6 micron
Light intensity n/a 8mW/cm2*

Looking at the specifications of both 8K printers, the UniFormation GKtwo and the Creality Halot-Mage Pro 8K are quite similar. only the light intensity of the UniFormation GKtwo is not listed in their marketing material.


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Dental Model Pro Grey

Liqcreate Dental Model Pro Grey is a matte, opaque grey colored photopolymer. Its matte surface finish accentuates depth and detail in dental models, which accommodates a perfect view on undercuts and the surface is ideal for scan impressions. 3D-printed parts from this material have exceptional dimensional stability and low shrinkage during printing. Liqcreate Dental Model Pro Grey is easy to use on open SLA, MSLA and DLP 3D-printers in the range of 385 – 420nm. This material has excellent properties like low shrinkage and low odor, accuracy and dimensional stability, making it perfect for the production of dental models, C&B, thermoforming and aligner models.

Key benefits

3D-Printer compatibility

·        Excellent dimensional stability ·        Asiga Max & 4K
·        High detail & matte surface ·        Ackuretta Dentiq
·        Low Shrinkage ·        Phrozon & Elegoo series
·        Low Odor ·        Photon series
·        Extremely low shrinkage ·        And many more
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