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Uniz NBEE fastest dental 3D-printer – compatible resin

The Uniz NBEE is a resin-based MSLA 3D-printer designed specially for the dental industry. Claimed as the world’s fastest resin 3D printer, the device does impress with an incredible build speed, being capable of producing a full platform of aligner dental models in minutes.

Thanks to the patented  and efficient liquid cooling system, the temperature will not exceed 40 °C, increasing the lifespan of the LCD screen. The new micro-stereo composite film is able to withstand 55 liters of resin before needing to be replaced according to the manufacturer.

Build for dental applications, the Uniz NBEE streamlines the production of aligner models, models with removable dies, surgical guides, crowns and bridges, brackets, and so on, while maintaining high accuracy.

Uniz NBEE 3D-printing resin settings

Resin Layer thickness LED power Exposure time (seconds) Base layer count Base layer exposure Lift Height (mm) Motor speed (mm/min)
Premium Model 100 µm 100% 1,5 3 10 8 1500
50 µm 85% 1,0 3 10 8 1500
Wax Castable 50 µm 55% 2,3 3 10 8 1500
Bio-Med Clear 100 µm 100% 2,5 3 15 8 1500
Dental Model Pro Beige 100 µm 100% 2,0 3 10 8 1500
50 µm 100% 1,3 3 10 8 1500
Dental Model Pro Grey 100 µm 100% 2,0 3 10 8 1500
50 µm 100% 1,3 3 10 8 1500
Gingiva Mask* 100 µm 55% 10,0 3 30 8 800

* It is advised to print Gingiva Mask directly on the build plate. if that is not possible due to the design, then heavy supports are required.


About the UNIZ NBEE – Fastest dental resin 3D-printer.

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Image by Uniz: The new Uniz NBEE , Fastest Dental resin 3D-printer.


Uniz NBEE resin 3D-printer specifications

Accuracy ±0.05 mm
Connectivity USB drive, Wi-Fi, LAN
Display 7″ touchscreen
Manufacturer Uniz
Max. print speed 280 mm/h
Optical system High uniformity collimate light engine
Outer dimensions millimeters (xyz) 380 x 380 x 1230 mm
Printable materials UV-sensitive resins
Separation mechanism Micro-stereo high speed peel
Software Uniz Dental
Weight kg 45 kg
XY resolution 50 Microns
Build volume 192 × 120 × 180 mm
Layer height 0.025–0.15 mm
Technology Liquid cooling LCD stereolithography
UV wavelength 405 nm

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