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Lithophane settings & resin 3D-printing explained

If you own any kind of 3D-printer, you must have heard about Lithophanes by now. Lithophanes are 3D-printed images that will turn into stunning pictures when a light is placed behind the lithophane. Before resin 3D-printers got affordable by the introduction of more affordable LCD printers, FDM printing technology was mostly used. These FDM printers did not always yield great accuracy, needed for a lithophane. Since the desktop SLA / MSLA printers are getting more affordable, anybody can make a lithophane in high detail / high resolution. All3DP media has published a great article on making your own lithophane here.


What is the best white 3D-printing resin to make a lithophane?

The best resin to make a lithophane is obviously an extremely white photopolymer resin. With Liqcreate Premium White we have printed a lot of lithophanes and with standard design settings from the lithophane software, it always turned out beautiful. With its opaque white color, easy to print and low odor characteristics, Liqcreate Premium white is the preferred resin for 3D-printing lithophanes.


lithophane maker settings for resin 3D-printing

To turn your 2D image to a lithophane, you have to run it through lithophane software or online lithophane creator. The fastest to use is probably the online lithophane maker tool by For, the standard thickness settings work very well in combination with Liqcreate Premium White resin. If you are not familiar with this software, at first you can choose what kind of lithophane you want to make. A flat one, curved one or even more difficult shape. A curved one is very easy as it does not need support when you put it on a shelf. Especially if you use a 45 degree angle, it doesn’t look too much curved. Then choose if you want an edge or not, and choose the favored size, the other settings can stay the same to get a good result. you can place the lithophane straight on the platform without supports. See some basic settings below:

lithophane litophane lithopane resin 3d-printing settings white photopolymer liqcreate best parameters settings

How to 3d print a lithophane with Liqcreate Premium white resin?

Several articles are available online for instructions on 3D-printing lithophanes in thermoplastic filament on an FDM 3D-printer. As lithophanes are more difficult to print in filament,  lithophane infill and lithophane settings are very crucial. For resin 3D-printing, lithophanes are super easy to print. Place the lithophane on the platform on a flat side, and search your 3D-printing settings here here. After post-processing your lithophane is ready to be used.

3D Lithophane color lithophane software maker
Image by Liqcreate: a 3D-printed Lithophane with Liqcreate Premium White Resin


Next level 4D lithophane

Next to personal use, 3D-printing lithophanes can also be used as marketing tools or for design prototyping. Find some examples of cans/bottles with custom labeling below.

With background light it looks even more spectacular.

Team Liqcreate wish you happy printing. If there are any questions or remarks, feel free to contact us at any time.


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Liqcreate Premium White

Liqcreate Premium White is the most opaque white resin available. This white photopolymer  has excellent UV-stability, with almost no yellowing upon exposure. Due to its rigidity and high stability it is ideal for the manufacturing of medical models, lithophanes and architectural models.

Key benefit


·        Opaque White, ideal for lithophanes

·        Non-yellowing

·        Low odor

·        Low shrinkage

3D-Printer compatibility


·        Elegoo & Anycubic series

·        Asiga series

·        Creality & Phrozen series

·        And many more

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