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Printer Settings

Need to know more about printer settings and 3D printer resins by Liqcreate? Look here for your printer settings for our resins with printers by Formlabs, Miicraft, Sprintray, Anycubic, Kudo3D, Cubicon, Wanhao and others.

Which printing settings should be used to print Liqcreate resins on the Kudo3D Bean?

Kudo3D’s Bean printer is a low power LCD 3D-printer, completely open for 3rd party resins. Settings are optimized for all Liqcreate resins. Due to the low power light source, exposure times are generally longer. Liqcreate Premium resins are especially developed for printing on low power LCD 3D-printing, leading to significantly shorter exposure times. Resin Layer [...]
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