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What are the differences between the Creality Halot 3D-printer series?

Already released in May 2021, Creality offered with the Halot-One its entry-level offering in their Halot line. It features a high-performance 5.96” 2K monochrome LCD screen that’s capable of rapid curing times of up to 3-4 seconds per layer for some Liqcreate resins. The Creality Halot-One was launched alongside the more premium Halot-Sky model, which has a larger 192 x 120 x 200mm build volume, and a 4K LCD screen to print bigger parts. Settings for the Creality Halot-One for Liqcreate resins can be found in this link. Settings for the Creality Halot-Sky are published here. More information about the Creality Halot-One Plus and Halot-One Pro can be found in the links.

Creality Halot-One Halot-Sky Halot-Max Halot-Like Halot-SE resin 3D-printer comparible low odor engineerind flexible tough flex resin liqcreate

Image by Creality: Its line of Halot resin 3D-printers with the Halot-one, Halot-Sky, Halot-Lite and Halot-SE


What are the differences between the Creality Halot-One and Halot-Sky?

The major differences can be found on the table below. The Halot-One is Creality’s entry model with a standard 2K Monochrome LCD screen and is affordable with a price under €200. While the Halot-Sky is a bigger printer with a  4K monochrome LCD screen and also more expensive. For bigger models the Halot-Sky or even the Creality Halot-Max can be beneficial.

Table 1: Differences between the Creality Halot-One, Halot-Lite, Halot-Sky and Halot-Max.

Model Price in euro Build size

(L*W*H   mm)

Creality Halot-One 200 127*80*160 2K – 2560*1620
Creality Halot-Lite 599 192*120*200 4K – 3840*2400
Creality Halot-Sky 949 192*120*200 4K – 3840*2400
Creality Halot-Max 3000 293*165*300 4K


Next to the price, LCD screen and build size, there is also a difference in Z-axis. The Halot-One has a single Z-axis, making it less stable. While the Halot-Sky has a double Z-axis making it more accurate and stable for longer prints or for demanding applications.


Creality Halot compatibility with Liqcreate resins.

The Creality Halot-One is available in the lab at Liqcreate and our engineers have optimized all Liqcreate resins. Settings are published. Settings for the Halot-Sky are available for most resins. These settings are optimized by a Liqcreate partner and published here. Unfortunately there are no settings available for the Halot-Lite or Halot-Max. But as the other Halot printers work well with Liqcreate resins, it is expected that these two printers work as well.

One remark has to be made. The Creality Halot printers are limited with a maximum exposure time of 10 seconds per layer. With Liqcreate Flexible-X and Tough-X an exposure time slightly higher than that is needed. Therefore it is advised to print in 0,03mm layer thickness with the maximum exposure time of 10 seconds. The results will be acceptable, but would be better if it could be increased to 12-14 seconds in the Creality Halot software.

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