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What are the differences between the Elegoo Saturn & Saturn S?

Elegoo officially launched the Saturn on June 6, 2020. With initial supply issues, most people were only getting one after Q1 2021. After roughly a year on the market, Elegoo has already replaced it with a new version, the Elegoo Saturn S. The original Elegoo Saturn is available in the Liqcreate Lab. Due to the amount of machines currently released, we did not find the Saturn S interesting enough to add to our line-up of testing machines. In this article you can learn about the differences between the Elegoo Saturn and Saturn S.

Elegoo Saturn S resin 3D-printer no odor odourless odorless engineering dental jewelry photopolymer resin strong tough flex flexible soft rubber abs-like

Image by Elegoo: The new Elegoo Saturn S compared to the first generation Elegoo Saturn.


Elegoo Saturn vs the Elegoo Saturn S

Towards the end of 2021, Elegoo released an upgraded version of the Elegoo Saturn 4K monochrome LCD resin printer. In this paragraph will a comparison of the main parameters of the Saturn S and Saturn can be found.

3D-printer Type Elegoo Saturn S Elegoo Saturn
LCD size 9.1”  8.9”
XY Resolution in pixels 4098*2560 3840*2400
Size of a pixel 48um / 0.048mm 50um / 0.05mm
LCD Screen Life 2000h 2000h
Build Volume 196*122*210mm (L*W*H) 192*120*200mm (L*W*H)
Printing Speed 30-70mm/h 30-40mm/h
Screen Scratch-resistant Film
Air Purifier ×
FEP film FEP2.0 FEP1.0


Minimal improvements of the Saturn S compared to the original Elegoo Saturn:

  • 1: Increase in LCD size from  from 8.9” to 9.1”.
    2: Increase Z-axis heigth from 200mm to 210mm
    3: Upgrade from FEP1.0 to FEP2.0, the release force is smaller, and the success rate of printing is improved.
    4: New air purifier, fresh printing environment

All the differences between the Elegoo Saturn and Saturn S are so small, that it is likely a supply-chain issue or cost-performance optimization that they “upgraded” this machine. From a performance standpoint the improvements do not seem to be big enough to launch a new version.


Elegoo Saturn & Saturn S compatible 3D-printing resin

Settings for all Liqcreate resins on the Elegoo Saturn are available on our website. As the Elegoo Saturn S is not available in our lab, we do not have validated settings for this 3D-printer. A good starting point would be the settings for the regular Elegoo Saturn, as these machines are quite similar.

Contact us if you have any questions or when you need help with settings for the Elegoo Saturn, Saturn S or other resin based 3D-printers.


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