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Photocentric Titan: biggest LCD resin 3D-printer to date

Photocentric has announced a new resin 3D-printer. Over the past years they have already introduced some extremely large LCD / MSLA based type resin 3D-printers with the LCD Opus and the LC Magnus. Now they surprised everybody with an even bigger printer called the Photocentric Titan!

This printer has a staggering build volume of 700 x 395 x 1200 mm. Usually with these big build volumes the pixel size is horrible, but with its 8K LCD screen they kept it quite acceptable at just 91µm pixel pitch resolution. This new machine aims to make large-scale production a reality for AM applications in automotive, transport, creative arts and merchandising.

About the Photocentric Titan large format resin 3D-printer.

photocentric titan magna large big huge LCD MSLA resin 3d-printer liqcreate dental jewely technology

Image by Develop3D and Photocentric: The large Photocentric Titan resin 3D-printer

Photocentric Titan, 8K large resin 3D-printer technical specifications.

Photocentric reveiled the first technical specifications of this printer. When comparing Photocentrics current flagship printer, the LC Magna with the new Photocentric Titan, some differences can be found.
Liquid Crystal Magna Liquid Crystal Titan
Build Volume 510 x 280 x 350 mm 700 x 395 x 1200 mm
Print Speed 16 mm/hour at 100µm layer 16 mm/hour at 100µm layer
LCD Screen 4K – 3840 x 2160 pixels 8K – 7660 x 4320 pixels
Pixel size ~ 0,130 mm 0,091 mm
Light Output 2mW/cm2 @ 460nm 2mW/cm2 @ 460nm

Especially the size of the machine is impressive and due to its 8K resolution LCD screen the pixel size is even improved compared to the smaller LC Magna printer.


Photocentric LC Titan compatible resin for 3D-printing.

The large Photocentric resin 3D-printers are all based on 460nm wavelength, meaning that with regular 405nm resins you can not print on these. Learn more about the background of wavelength and resin compatibility here. Specialized Photocentric resins should be used as these printers are limited to 460nm wavelength and the printers are not open for 3rd party 3D-printing resins.


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