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Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra – 12k resin 3D-printing settings

Just days after Anycubic unveiled their new 12K resin 3D-printer, called the Anycubic Photon M5s, Elegoo already came with an answer. They probably have been working on this for a while. The Elegoo Saturn 3 is the name of Elegoo’s latest 12K resin 3D-printer and they released it in multiple versions, including the Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra of which settings can be found here. Looking at the (odd) specification of the LCD screen, there is a good chance they are using the same LCD screen. Learn more about the printer specifications, compatible resins and 3D-printing parameters with Liqcreate resins!

Currently only Liqcreate Bio-Med Clear is tested by one of our partners. likely all Liqcreate resins are compatible with this printer, a good starting point are the settings we developed ourselves for the (regular) Elegoo Saturn 3 – 12K . Contact us at if you have questions or need assistance dialing in Liqcreate resins on your Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra!


Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra – 12K resin settings

Resin Layer thickness Exposure time (seconds) Base layer count Base layer exposure Lift Height (mm) Lift speed / retract speed (mm/min)
Bio-Med Clear 100 µm
50 µm 4,5 2 40 6 90 / 120
Strong-X 100 µm
50 µm
Stone Coal Black 100 µm
50 µm
Premium White 100 µm
50 µm
Premium Black 100 µm
50 µm
Premium Model 100 µm
50 µm
Premium Tough 100 µm
50 µm
Wax Castable 100 µm
50 µm
25 µm
Premium Flex* 100 µm
50 µm
Clear Impact 100 µm
50 µm
Deep Blue 100 µm
50 µm
ESD 100 µm
50 µm
Flame Retardant 100 µm
HDT 50 µm
Tough-X* 100 µm
50 µm
Flexible-X* 100 µm
50 µm
Elastomer-X* 100 µm
50 µm
Hazard Glow 100 µm
Composite-X 100 µm
50 µm
Dental Model 100 µm
Pro Beige 50 µm
Dental Model 100 µm
Pro Grey 50 µm
Gingiva Mask 100 µm
50 µm

** Tough-X, Flexible-X and Premium flex require heavy supports, Elastomer-X requires extra heavy supports.


About the Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra – 12K resin 3D-printer.

elegoo mars4 mars 1 2 3 4 saturn2 saturn 3 saturn3 technology liqcreate LCD DLP jupiter Mars 3 ultra pro

Photo by Elegoo: their latest addition in 3D-printing hardware. for resin 3D-printing you can find the Elegoo Mars 4, Mars 3 Ultra, Mars 4 Ultra and the new 12K Saturn 3.


Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra vs. Elegoo Saturn 3

Saturn 3 Saturn 3 Ultra
Build Volume 218.88 x 122.88 x 250 mm 218.88 x 122.88 x 260 mm
LCD-Display + Resolution 12K 10.1 inch monochrome LCD
XY-Resolution 19 x 24 µm
Light Source COB+Fresnel-Collimator Light Source COB-Light Source + Refractive Lens
Separating Film PFA ACF
Screen Protector 9H Tempered Glass
Levelling With 2 levelling screws With 4 Levelling Screws
Print Speed 30–70 mm/h max. 150 mm/h
Build Platform Laser-engraved build platform
Heat Dissipation Double heat pipes with large cooling fan
Plug-in Air-Purifier Yes (1xUSB-Port) Yes (2xUSB-Ports)
Z-Axis Dual Linear Rails
Printer Display Resistive Touchscreen Capacitive Touchscreen
File Transfer USB WiFi, USB
Slicer Compatible with Voxeldance Tango, Chitubox, Lychee

If you have any questions related to Liqcreate 3D-printing resins on the Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra or other resin based 3D-printer. Send us an e-mail at and our engineers will support to dial-in the requested Liqcreate resin.


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