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How to fix white residue on your resin 3D-printed part?

After post-processing your resin 3D-printed part, it can happen that there is a white residue on the object. There is an easy fix to solve this issue. In short, the white residue comes from UV-curing wet parts that still have a mixture of resin / IPA on it. usually this is most visible in areas that are difficult to wash. To solve this you have to wash it better / longer in IPA. And before post-curing the IPA should be completely evaporated. the parts should look dry and dull. If this is not the case, don’t post-cure them yet and repeat the washing / drying cycle again. As IPA will already evaporate at room temperature, you can leave the part on the workbench for half an hour and the IPA should be completely gone.

White residue on resin 3D-printed part after post-curing

This residue looks typically like in the image below. (credits to reddit user necroste).

how to solve white residue spots on resin 3D-printed parts objects after uv-curing post-curing liqcreate


Wash protocol to prevent white residue on resin 3D-printed parts with IPA

An extended post-processing protocol can be found in this article. Here is the short version. The freshly printed part will have resin on the surface after printing. To have a good end result with you print, cleaning is necessary. If the 3D printed object is not cleaned, the resin on the surface can distort the shape of the model, cured drips can be found and the part can be sticky at the end with white residue spots. To ensure a correct way of cleaning, the advise is to rinsing at least 4 – 5 minutes in Liqcreate Resin Cleaner, IPA or (Bio) Ethanol, preferably ultrasonic or under agitation.

When Liqcreate resins are used, it is preferable to use two cleaning containers. The first will be the bath which can remove the most of the resin. The second, more clean bath, can be used for optimal cleaning of the green part. In this case, the second can be the ultrasonic bath. Make sure that there is enough Liqcreate Resin Cleaner, IPA or (Bio) Ethanol to completely cover the part or change the position of the object and follow the cleaning step again. Green parts could break or crack if they are exposed to cleaning solvents for longer than 20 minutes. After this cleaning step, make sure the parts are dry before post-curing. This can be done by placing the part in a well ventilated area for at least 30 minutes or use pressurized air for 2 minutes.

Please check the cleaning container(s) before cleaning the object. When the cleaning container is very contaminated, this can lead to non-precise surfaces and even surface defects. Also the end result after all steps can be a sticky object, which is not preferred.


Wash protocol to prevent white residue on resin 3D-printed parts with Liqcreate Resin Cleaner

The wash protocol when working with Liqcreate Resin Cleaner can be found in the image below.

liqcreate resin cleaner washing protocol to prevent white residue spots on the resin 3D-printed parts


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About Liqcreate Resin Cleaner

Liqcreate Resin Cleaner is an excellent, effective non-toxic post-print cleaning solution for 3D printing. It is a safe, highly effective cleans faster than other cleaner liquids based on IPA, bio-ethanol and other chemicals. Liqcreate Resin Cleaner is not a dangerous good, non-flammable and has no unpleasant odor. The cleaning liquid can clean SLA, DLP and LCD printed objects, platforms, instruments and Surfaces (if not made of ABS or polystyrene polymer). It can be used with ultrasonic cleaners and the liquid can be used several times without refilling or filtering the Liqcreate Resin Cleaner. *Not Compatible with Polystyrene and ABS plastic parts (Ultrasonic cleaner handles etc.)

Key benefits

Resin compatibility

·        Excellent and effective cleaning ·        Liqcreate resin compatible
·        Minimal odor ·        DLP Resin compatible
·        Non-Toxic, non-hazardous ·        SLA resin compatible
·        Biodegradable ·        MSLA / LCD resin compatible
·        Non-flammable ·        More information about this product

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