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The Longer Orange 4K resin LCD 3D-printer.

The Longer Orange 4K LCD/MSLA 3D-printer is an open printer with a 405 nm light source, compatible with 3rd party resins. The settings for Liqcreate resins are not yet available. Looking at the 3D-printer specifications, most resins could also work on this printer. A good starting step in settings are the settings published for the Elegoo Saturn 4K MSLA 3D-printer. Contact us if you need support or have any questions.


Longer orange 4K resin LCD MSLA 3D-printer liqcreate low odor engineering resins
Image by Longer: the Orange 4K LCD / MSLA 3D-printer


Longer Orange 4K resin 3D-printer specifications

  • -【Ultra High Precision】Orange 4K is a ultra high precision resin 3d-printer, built-in 4K Monochrome LCD screen at 6480 x 3840 resolution of X 31.5µm Y 10.5µm in subpixel. With such high precision printing technology, it will be perform more details and better surface on miniatures.
  • -【Dual Z Axis Liner Guides】Orange 4K is built with dual liner guides for more steady printing and no wobble issues, it will be providing with better result and smoother surface on models.
  • -【Uniform Parallel UV Lighting】Orange 4K is built with parallel UV LED lighting sources, and provide better uniformity, higher intensity and shorter time of curing.
  • -【Easy Operation & Algorithm Embedded】 Easy leveling with four screws. With the algorithm embedded in Longerware, the UV exposure through each subpixel will be controlled accurately to deliver final 3D models with ultra-smooth surfaces and ultra-fine details. Orange 4K is compatible with Chitubox as well. 
  • -【Fast Cooling & High Temperature Warning System】Temperature detection system included. The system will stop printing when temperature is too high. Equipped with high efficiency cooling system to improve lifespan of this 3D printer.
  • -【Warranty and Service】NOTE: The printer comes without resin. 12-Month machine warranty and Lifetime Technical Support. High-efficiency and considerate community support by us.
  • -【O4KC Upgrade O4KM】Orange 4K Color upgrade to Orange 4K Mono stesp, please reach this article for reference here


Compatible resin for the Longer Orange 4K

Some resins have been optimized by partners on the Longer Orange 4K. Find the list for resin compatibility for Longer Orange 4K here. Team Liqcreate wish you happy printing. If there are any questions or remarks, feel free to contact us at any time.


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