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Need help with post-processing your 3D-printed parts? Or do you want information about the mechanical properties we describe? In this support category we help you with all of those questions.

Post-curing of 3D-printed parts with Liqcreate resins

Post-processing is an essential part of resin 3D-printing to reach the final photopolymer properties. Printed parts need to be cleaned, dried and post-cured. The washing and drying steps are explained at the support article ‘how to post process SLA, DLP & LCD printed objects’. The next step that follows is post-curing.  Post-curing of resin 3D-printed parts [...]
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What are the strongest 3D-printing resins available?

During the development of Liqcreate Strong-X resin, we studied all available high strength resins. This way we found out what was missing, so we could develop the strongest resin. In this article we want to share the knowledge we gained during this research. All data is obtained from the official manufacturers datasheet and the source [...]
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How to post-process SLA / DLP / LCD printed objects?

After printing and removing the object from the build plate, it is necessary to clean the green part. It is advised to rinse at least 4 - 5 minutes in Liqcreate Resin Cleaner, IPA or (Bio) Ethanol, preferably ultrasonic or under agitation. After cleaning, gently remove the supports with a model cutter. The last step [...]
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