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Printer Settings

Need to know more about printer settings and 3D printer resins by Liqcreate? Look here for your printer settings for our resins with printers by Formlabs, Miicraft, Sprintray, Anycubic, Kudo3D, Cubicon, Wanhao and others.

Sprintray Moonray S and D compatible resin & parameters

The Moonray S & D printers by Sprintray are both high-end DLP 3D-printers and are partially open for 3rd party resins. The Sprintray Moonray S is designed for industrial use and has a 405nm light source with a pixel size of 100 micron. The Sprintray Moonray D is especially designed for the dental market, with [...]
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Miicraft 125Y compatible Liqcreate resin & 3D-print settings

The Miicraft 125 resin 3D-printer (Miicraft Ultra) is a high quality DLP machine. The Miicraft 125 comes in two different versions, the 125 and the 125Y. The difference between these two Miicraft 125 resin 3D-printers is the light source in which the 125Y prints at 385nm and the regular 125 uses a 405nm light source. [...]
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Formlabs Form1+ & Form2 compatible resins & parameters

The Formlabs Form 2 and Form 1+ resin 3D-printers are thoroughly tested by the Liqcreate team and are compatible with a couple Liqcreate resins. The Formlabs Form 2 resin 3D-printer is a high-end SLA printer, in combination with Liqcreate resin a perfect solution for the prosumer and professional market. The Form1+ is open for 3th [...]
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Beam3D Prism compatible resin and parameters Liqcreate

The Beam3D Prism is a 2K RGB LCD resin 3D-printer and is open for 3rd party resins. Some resins have been optimized. Most other resins could also work on this printer, however, no pre-settings are available. Contact us if you need support or have any questions. Contact us Resin Layer thickness Curing time (seconds) Remark [...]
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Zortrax Inkspire compatible Liqcreate resin & parameters

The Zortrax Inkspire resin 3D-printer is a low power RGB LCD 3D-printer and completely open for 3rd party resins. Settings are optimized for most Liqcreate resins. We would like to thank our partners at 2B3D for optimizing Liqcreate resins on the Zortrax Inkspire printer.  Due to the low power of the light source, the Premium [...]
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