3DWare & Liqcreate partnership with resin 3D-printing

3DWare is established in 2014 based in Mumbai, India. 3DWare, also known as AM Prototyping Labs Pvt. Ltd. is developing and manufacturing SLA & DLP 3D-Printers and 3D-printing supplies. The unique design of the 3DWare Alpha Plus and Zeta resin 3D-printers enable industrial users to implement resin 3D-printing quickly. 3DWare and Liqcreate are collaborating to optimize resins on the 3DWare printers. Settings for Liqcreate Flexible-X are already available for the Zeta top-down resin 3D-printer and many more photopolymer resins to follow.


3DWare & Liqcreate work together on validating resins on the Zeta 3d-printer

The Zeta is a top-down resin 3D-printer designed to 3D-print parts in ways no tray or film based printer can. It can print a versatile range of resins like Liqcreate Flexible-X. Due to its top-down printing technique, the Zeta can print higher viscosity resins and more difficult structures compared to a bottom-up system. This is possible because the printed objects does not have pull forces from the film base. Additionally less support structures are needed as it is supported by the resin inside the vat.

3dware zeta alpha resin 3d-printer

Image by 3DWare: filling the resin tank of the Alpha plus 3D-printer with resin


3DWare Zeta resin 3D-printing specifications

The 3DWare Zeta resin 3D-printer is a top-down machine with 405nm HD projector. Giving it a build size of 144 * 81 * 100 mm (L * W * H) at 0,04mm native pixel size.

Table: 3DWare Zeta resin 3D-printing specifications

Specifications Value
Build area 144 * 81  mm
Maximum build height 100 mm
Native pixel size +/- 40 µm
Resolution HD – 1920 * 1080 pixels
Light source 405 nm


Image by 3DWare: Features of their top-down Zeta resin 3D-printer


3DWare Zeta compatible 3D-printing resins

Liqcreate Flexible-X is compatible on the Zeta top-down resin 3D-printer, with  many more resins to follow.

About Flexible-X

Liqcreate Flexible-X is an opaque black photopolymer resin for open MSLA, DLP and laser based 3D-printers. 3D-printed parts from this material have exceptional flexibility and great rebound properties. Liqcreate Flexible-X is compatible with open DLP, LCD, MSLA and SLA 3D-printers in the range of 385 – 420nm. Its low hardness of 55 Shore A and elongation up to 160% makes it perfect for the manufacturing of soft touch and elastic parts for industrial use.

Key benefits

3D-Printer compatibility

·        High Elongation ·        3DWare Zeta
·        Excellent Rebound ·        And many more
·        Good Tear Strength
·        Durable Soft Touch


Flexible-X parts printed on the 3DWare Zeta top-down resin 3D-printer

Liqcreate 3dware zeta alpha 3d-printing resin photopolymer elastomer flexible tough strong ceramic

Liqcreate 3dware zeta alpha 3d-printing resin photopolymer elastomer flexible tough strong ceramic


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