Aeroblaze testing Flame Retardant HDT 3D-print resin for Aviation

October 2023 we launched Flame Retardant HDT 3D-printing resin. Passing the vertical UL94 flame retardant test with a V0 rating at 3,0mm thickness. This resin was designed for high temperature applications that would also require flame retardant properties, such as such  parts for car interior, railway, aviation and electronics. In addition, it can be excellent for tooling manufacturing aids, connector housings and covers.

When focussing on the transportation sector (automotive, railway, aviation) often more tests are required to validate a mateiral for a specific part. For the railway standard, every part in a train is documented together with its requirements in EN 45545-1 2009. For the aviation standard there is something similar documented in FAR 25.853(a). Aeroblaze Laboratory Inc. tested 3D-printed samples of Liqcreate Flame Retardant HDT on three different aerospace tests. Learn more about these results in this article.

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Image by schaeffler: Trent 500 engine, Airbus generation A340-500 and A340-600.


About Aeroblaze

Aeroblaze is an independent test laboratory specializing in testing for aerospace and automotive materials. Founded in 2016, Aeroblaze Laboratory began as a flammability test laboratory for the aerospace industry. Since then, services have expanded to include FAA approvals, automotive flammability, and a variety of other aerospace tests. We strive to provide the highest quality testing and service as evidenced by our accreditation to the international quality standards of ISO/IEC 17025.


3D-printing resin for aviation & aerospace applications  FAR 25.853(a)

Back to 3D-printing. Aeroblaze tested Liqcreate Flame Retardant HDT resin according to the FAR 25.853(a) standard on 12 seconds vertical burn, 60 seconds vertical burn and the horizontal burn test. The test of 12 seconds horizontal and the vertical flame test passed even a 1mm part thickness. The 60 seconds vertical burn is more critical and will only pass with parts from minimum 5 mm thickness.

Flame retardant properties[2]
Description Method UV curing 60 minutes at 60°C[1]
UL94 Flamability Vertical   UL94 V0 pass at 3,0 mm
12 seconds Vertical Burn – Appendix F, Part I(a)(1)(ii)   FAR 25.853(a) pass at 1,0 mm
60 seconds Vertical Burn – Appendix F, Part I(a)(1)(i)   FAR 25.853(a) pass at 5,0 mm
Horizontal Flamability – Appendix F, Part I(a)(1)(iv) & (v)   FAR 25.853(a) pass at 1,0 mm

[2]Flamability tests have been executed by the UL laboratories for the UL94 test and by Aeroblaze Laboratory Inc. for the FAR 25.853(a) flamability for aviation tests.


Find your Liqcreate aviation & aerospace 3D-printing resin:

Liqcreate Flame Retardant HDT

Liqcreate Flame Retardant HDT is a rigid off-white photopolymer resin and can be processed on most open resin based 3D-printers. 3D-printed parts from this material can withstand high temperatures without posing a fire hazard due to its self-extinguishing capabilities. This material is perfect for creating parts that need to comply with UL94-V0 test standards. Such as interior parts in cars, airplanes, trains and electronic devices. In addition, it can be excellent for tooling manufacturing aids, connector housings and covers.

Key benefits

3D-Printer compatibility

·        Self-extinguishing, UL94 V0 ·        Asiga UV series
·        High temperature resistance ·        Nexa3D XiP (open license)
·        Extremely rigid ·        Phrozen, Elegoo & Anycubic series
·        Fast printing ·        And many more

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