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Acetone compatible 3D-printing resin by Liqcreate

At Liqcreate we test our resins in a wide range of environments and with a combination of chemicals. The complete chemical compatibility 3D resin file can be found in the link. In this article we focus on acetone. Acetone is a very agressive solvent and most 3D-printing resins do not go well with this resin. we have tested a range of our engineering and standard resins.  The following resins were tested:

From these materials mechanical test bars were printed, post-processed and cured according to the specifications. A reference material was taken and set at 100% properties. the deviation from this was set in the graphs after 7 days immersion in Acetone.

Acetone immersion 1 week properties 3d-printing resin liqcreate

Image by Liqcreate: Chemical compatibility with acetone.

Acetone compatible 3D-printing resin

What you can see from the results is that most materials are struggling in acetone. all the materials that do not have values, were broken during immersion. From Deep Blue, Composite-X and Flame Retardant HDT it was possible to measure the properties. In which Deep Blue is not advised to use with acetone as the mechanical properties decrease quite some. For Composite-X and Flame Retardant HDT it is much better and Flame Retardant HDT performs best.


it should be noted that with both Composite-X and Flame Retardant HDT, there was minor damage to the samples. This was at the base of the mechanical bars were they were attached to the platform and before testing some small cracks were already present. It is most important that your part is very smooth and does not have damages when placing it in an agressive solvent like acetone.


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