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Phrozen Sonic Mighty Revo – 14K MSLA resin 3D-printer

This year Phrozen 3D already launched a few new resin 3D-printers, named the Phrozen Sonic Mini 8Ks, Phrozen Sonic Mega 8Ks, the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 12K and now another new one arises, the Phrozen Sonic Mighty Revo. Learn more about this new printer and how it compares to the previous Phrozen models.

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Image by Phrozen: The new Phrozen Sonic Mighty Revo (14K) resin 3D-printer 


Phrozen Sonic Mighty 14K resin 3D-printer specifications

The Phrozen Sonic Mighty Revo has an 14K monochrome LCD screen which is similar to the Anycubic Photon Mono M5s Pro. Its pixel size is with 16.8 μm x 24.8 μm and build size is exactely the same as its Anycubic competitor. Compared to 22 microns for the Mini 8K and 43 micron pixel size for the Mega 8K. W


Table 1: Specifications of the new Phrozen Sonic Mighty Revo printer compared to the other Phrozen 3D-printers and competitors

Model Price in euro Build size

(L*W*H   mm)

Pixel size (micron) Resolution
Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K 649 165*72*180 22 8K – 7500*3270
Phrozen Sonic Mini 8Ks 349 165*72*170 22 8K – 7500*3270
Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K ~450 200*125*220 52 4K – 3840*2400
Phrozen Sonic Mighty 8K 750 218*123*235 28 8K – 7785*4392
Phrozen Sonic Mighty 12K 850 223*126*235 19×24 12K
Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K 2300 330*185*400 43 8K – 7670*4300
Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K V2 3000 330*185*400 43 8K – 7670*4300
Phrozen Sonic Mega 8Ks 1750 330*185*300 43 8K – 7670*4300
Phrozen Sonic Revo 1100 223*126*235 16,8*24 14K
Anycubic Photon M5s Pro 530 223*126*200 16,8*24 14K


Phrozen Sonic Mighty Revo 14K specifications

Phrozen Sonic Mighty Revo is the new 3D printer with a resolution of 14K to create high-precisely larger models. The new 3D printer is perfectly balancing compact size with improved productivity. Sonic Mighty Revo comes with auto-leveling, residue detection, and failure detection. It is also compatible with the Phrozen Pump & Fill  Connector! print big and more in 14K resolution – incredible 16.8×24,8㎛ resolution enables everyone to create crisp and sharp prints effortlessly. 10.1” X 23.5cm, maximized productivity – the unit’s 10.1” LCD paired with 23.5cm dual linear rails will seriously boost your work efficiency. high productivity, streamlined design – despite its powerful specs, the Sonic Mighty 14K has a footprint similar to other regular compact printers and is easy to store virtually anywhere. This frees up room for any other equipment you may need in your workspace.  built-in heater – maintain printing temperature at an ideal 30°C for a higher success rate. pump & fill connector – compatible with the Phrozen Pump & Fill automated resin feeder. auto-leveling – Sonic Mighty 14K comes equipped with an automatic zero-point detection that reduces the need for manual adjustments typically associated with the Z0axis calibration process. residue detection – when enabled, the  printer will stop printing once it detects any foreign objects between the building plate  and release film upon the first layer of printing. failure detection – when enabled, the machine will promptly  detect  any possible abnormalities during the printing process. optimized LCD replacement setup – unplug the LCD ribbon cable without removing the front shell, making future LCD replacement more convenient

Phrozen Sonic Mighty Revo resin 3D-printer comparison

Sonic Mighty 8K Sonic Mighty 12K Sonic Mighty Revo
Build volume 218x123x235mm 218x123x235mm 223x126x235mm
XY resolution 28 µm 19×24µm 16.8 x 24 µm
Guide rails dual linear guide rail (lead screw) dual linear guide rail (lead screw) dual linear guide rail (ball screws)
Heater no no Yes
Plug-in Air Purifier no no Yes
Automatic levelling no no Yes

Phrozen Sonic Mighty Revo compatible 3D-printing resins?

Check if there are Phrozen Sonic Mighty 8 Revo 3D-printer resin settings in the link. Technically all Liqcreate resins can work on the Phrozen Sonic Mighty Revo 14K resin 3D-printer. Reach out to us at and we will help with advise on dialing in our photopolymer resins when settings are not available.


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