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OEM & White label jewelry & dental wax-based casting 3D-printing

Liqcreate has developed an universal 3D-printing resins to for casting jewelry, dental and industrial parts. Liqcreate understands the needs from the industry for an affordable, yet precise, low shrinkage 3D-printing resin for casting. With a significant percentage of actual wax, this resin outperforms competitors in its extremely low ash residue and low shrinkage, to get the perfect metal part after casting. Our Liqcreate Wax Castable is a wax-based photopolymer resin, perfect for manufacturing jewelry, dental and industrial parts using the direct investment casting method. Liqcreate Wax Castable is easy to use on open LCD/MSLA, DLP and laser based 3D-printers in the range of 385 – 420nm. 3D-printed parts from this material captures intricate features and show crisp details. This wax-based material offers smooth surfaces with clean burnout for a reliable casting process. Create custom made elegant organic geometries according to your preferences with excellent casting for positive and negative engravings.

Choose OEM and White label wax-based 3D-printing resin for:

Liqcreate engineering low-odor Liqcreate photopolymer engineering strong composite elastic flexible elastomer low-odor Liqcreate Dental Resin for dental manufacturing SLA DLP MSLA LCD
Clean & ash free burnout Wax-based

High precision


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Wax based cast 3D-printing resin for jewelry, dental & industrial parts

Resin 3D-printing is ideal for casting applications. With an easy to use, yet affordable wax-based resin, Liqcreate supports the casting industry. Casting has been used with the ‘lost wax’ method for many years. In the arts industry, our resins are used to make bronze statues. Within the dental industry, customers are printing Removable Partial Dentures (RPD’s) from our material to convert them to ChromeCobalt for the actual end-part. In the Jewelry industry our materials are used to make high quality, personalized jewelry. Read all about the stories and OEM, White label and custom development options for wax-based casting resins below.


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Casting bronze art with Liqcreate Wax Castable 3D-printing resin

Ana foundry logo bill will bronze brons brass casting liqcreate wax castable jewelry

Image by Liqcreate partners: Click on the image to learn about the process

Quick burn-out of Liqcreate Wax Castable resin for jewelry applications

liqcreate wax castable casting cast photopolymer resin resina epoxy harz gold silver jewelry sterling jewelry

OEM and White label wax-based 3D-printing cast resin

Liqcreate offers solutions to re-brand our current product portfolio into any shape. This could be a turn-key solution to simply attach your own label on our products or we can provide our photopolymers in bulk volumes. Additionally we offer several possibilities to develop your own 3D resin. Our chemists can create photopolymers with diferent colors and diferent polymeric properties. In addition, we can support 3D-printer manufacturers with the development of photopolymers with specifc polymerization kinetics to work on any DLP, MSLA, LCD or SLA type 3D-printer. Contact us to talk about the possibilities. Learn more about the 3D-printing workflow below.

3D-printing wax-castable for dental applications

RPD waxcast - linkedin

Image by Liqcreate partners: Click on the image to learn about the process

3D-printing wax-castable for jewelry applications

Liqcreate Wax Castable for casting objects using LCD/MSLA, DLP and SLA 3D printing

Custom development of wax-based castable resin for 3D-printing

Besides white labelling -to re-label an existing Liqcreate resin-, it is also possible to custom develop a resin specifically for your needs. Think about an OEM 3D-printing resin for a new application. Or a modification to an existing resin to have a better match with your type of 3D-printer. Several custom OEM materials & colors have already been developed and are available uppon request.

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